Shirley Ann Hunt was born on July 30th, 1941 to Lillian Tokla and Fozy Tokla in Worcester, Massachusetts and passed away on January 4th, 2021 surrounded by close family.

Shirley Ann Hunt was born with the rare, innate knowledge that she was the captain of her own ship, and that she was not victim to her circumstances. She was an empowered woman with wisdom that far surpassed her schooling, an unwavering moral compass, and an indescribable loyalty to her loved ones that remains unbroken.

The daughter of an immigrant father and first generation mother, Shirley came from very humble beginnings in Worcester, Massachusetts. Shirley dropped out of school early to take on a job and help support her family, a testament to her relentless motivation, but also to her lifelong commitment to family. Shirley was selfless. The work, the praise, and the money were not what mattered to her. Everything she did was to make a difference and create memories with those she cared about. This motivation carried her to the titles of top 10 saleswomen in America and President of a multi-million dollar Seminar Company.

Shirley Ann Hunt was more than just a sister, a mother, a grandmother, an aunt, and friend. She was a fighter, a believer, a teacher, a mentor, an inspiration and a guide to so many people. Whether you knew her for a lifetime or met her in passing, she found a way to leave an impact on your life.

Her presence was larger than life and she had a dynamic sense of being. Even as the President of the longest standing seminar company in North America, Shirley had an ability to connect with people where they were and create value out of the simplest conversations. While serving as the President of PSI Seminars in collaboration with Jane Willhite and supported by her right-arm Carole Santucci, she worked every day to make a positive impact in people’s lives, striving to achieve world peace, one mind at a time.

What makes this news so hard is that so many of us felt that Shirley was immortal. A multiple time survivor of cancer, a timeless trend setter, and a dynamic business woman whose expertise spanned over a half a century, we never believed she was fallible. She leaves behind her daughter Shellie Hunt, granddaughter Cheyenne Hunt, sister in law Teresa Tokla, and nephews David Tokla and Michael Tokla. There will be a celebration of Shirley’s life on July 30th of 2021 in Las Vegas, NV to be followed by her being laid to rest in Salisbury, Massachusetts in August of 2021.

For those wishing to honor Shirley and the impact she has made, in lieu of flowers, it is asked that you donate to the Shirley A. Hunt Legacy Fund that will honor the specified groups outlined by Shirley in her final wishes.